If you’re a dog (or cat mom) like myself, you know exactly how hard it is to find pet essentials that actually look good. We want our pets to be comfortable and happy, but we also don’t want to live with cat litter boxes or hideous dog crates. That why I’ve found the best pet IKEA hacks the internet has to offer. I love a good IKEA hack just as much as the next girl, and so do our pets! Its time to show our furry friends just how much we love them with an IKEA project just for them! Give your cats and dogs some attention with these IKEA hacks your pets will love!

IKEA Dog Bed Hack

IKEA hack turns a storage crate into a cute dog bed.

This simple IKEA hack is great for both cats and dogs! A simple modification of an IKEA storage crate creates a trendy dog bed both you AND your pet will love. Head over to Hesters Handmade Home for the full details (and more pictures of this adorable pup). Hester has even put together a Youtube tutorial with step-by-step instructions. SO helpful!

IKEA Hack For Pet Toy Storage

An IKEA hack your dog will love! store their toys in an open crate like this!

I don’t know about you, but my dog’s toys are always scattered throughout the house. That’s why I love Hester’s IKEA pet toy storage hack. She used the same idea as her storage crate dog bed hack but modified it with elastic bands. Genius idea! Now your pets can see all their toys and pull the ones they want to play with through the openings. What a fantastic solution! Check out the blog post tutorial here, or the Youtube instructions here!

IKEA Hack Dog Crate

Changing table turned IKEA hack for pets. Great Dog crate storage idea.

This is a great way to disguise a dog crate. I just hate the way dog crates look, like I’m sorry Fido, but a clunky black metal dog crate just doesn’t fit with my decor! IKEA Hackers came up with a perfect solution! They hacked an IKEA changing table into a great hideaway dog crate. Looks just like a side table and its a comfortable home for your dog. Pro tip: people are always selling IKEA stuff on Craigslist (especially baby items). So, Check out your local listings before buying new! You could save yourself a boatload of cash on your IKEA pet hack.

IKEA Cat Litter Box Cabinet DIY

One of the best IKEA hacks for pets had to be this IKEA Storage cabinet turned Cat litter box!

This converted IKEA cabinet must be one of the smartest IKEA hacks for pets I’ve seen so far! I love the idea of a hidden cat litter box – I mean no one wants to walk into a bathroom and be bombarded with that litter box smell. The geniuses over at The Home Body House transformed an IKEA cabinet into a secret litter box by just installing a cat door. So simple!

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IKEA Pet Hack Cat Scratching board

DIY cat scratching board using an IKEA mini rug or door mat. Awesome IKEA hacks for pets

Its no secret that cats love digging their claws into anything and everything. The only problem is your standard cat scratching boards are not exactly nice to look at. Enter My Attic put together a super easy tutorial on how to make your very own cat scratching board – custom to your home’s decor style. All you need is two pieces of wood and an IKEA mini rug. You can totally use an inexpensive IKEA door mat as well. Her cat loves it, and I think yours will too! Cats just love digging their claws into something, and now they can dig them into something beautiful.

Cat Hangout In An IKEA Billy Bookcase

IKEA hacks for pets - Cat hangout fit for an IKEA Billy Bookcase.

OK this one isn’t exactly an IKEA hack (although you could totally figure out how to make this yourself) but I thought it was worth sharing. This cat basket insert is sold by a Swedish company and is made to fit the ever popular IKEA Billy Bookcase. One of the easiest IKEA hacks for pets I’ve seen. The insert fits the bookshelf perfectly and now your cat has a cozy place to hangout. After a long day at work, I’d love to hangout in there – do you think they make these in human size?

IKEA KALLAX Pet Hack Rabbit House

IKEA KALLAX unit turned into a cute bunny cage or rabbit hutch.

This is a relatively easy IKEA hack for an indoor bunny. You would be hard pressed to find a trendy modern looking rabbit hutch/cage – which is why IKEA hackers came up with this great DIY solution! A few modifications to an IKEA KALLAX unit and you’ll be all set! I really like the way this bunny cage turned out, but I will say there are potential dangers your pet may face living in a cage like this. There may be toxic materials inside the KALLAX unit that your bunny will be exposed to should they start chewing on it. It also should be noted that bunnies need adequate exercise and shouldn’t be left in a cage like this all day. They need a chance to run around – either in your backyard or in your house.

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